A benefit motorcycle ride from Massachusetts to Eureka California by way of U S Route 50, August 13-22, 2011

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The Strong in Spirit motorcycle ride
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Dave's motorcycle for the trip


Support 'Made In America'  

KaDee's wheels were made in America by Eddies Wheels in Shelburne Falls, MA www.eddieswheels.com

David's motorcycle was made in America by Harley-Davidson www.harley-davidson.com

We will be traveling route 50, the backbone of America www.route50.com 

Thank you Robert Clink for David's complimentary oil cooler from Ultra Cool.  The Harley and David are very grateful.  www.ultracoolFL.com

























What is the "Strong in Spirit Fundraiser" and how do I help? 

On August 13, I began my symbolic motorcycle ride from the East Coast to the West Coast in honor of my late German Shepherd, KaDee.  In her memory, I rode 4000 miles, 10 States in 10 Days, by way of US Rt-50 to raise money and awareness for homeless, neglected, abused and unwanted animals.  Please support us by donating to the “Strong in Spirit” fundraiser. Just click on the "Donate" tennis ball above. All of the proceeds will be shared between the Berkshire Humane Society and the Catskill Animal Sanctuary.  We chose these two non-profit organizations based on their dedication and energy in serving the common good for both domestic and farm animals.  This difficult economic climate has precipitated farm foreclosures and forced many pet owners to surrender their animals.  This influx of animals has strained the resources of B.H.S. and C.A.S.  Thus, we want to help!  We invite you to view their web sites or stop by their facilities to see the kindness they provide every day.

What started this fundraiser?

This mission all started back in 2007 when KaDee, at age 13 1/2, walked as fast as she could in the Berkshire Humane 5 K Race in her wheels.  Yes “wheels”- two, to be exact!  At age 13 she came down with a disease that paralyzed her hind legs but it never stopped her.  She boasted strong forearms from all of her hot dogging and rolling, and it caught the attention of our local newspaper at the race. The day after the 5K, The Berkshire Eagle featured her in a picture and article titled, “Strong in Spirit”.  That byline captured her intensity and never quit attitude.  She amazed us not only because she accepted her wheels as if she was born with them, but also by the way in which she lived her entire life.  She was, without a doubt, a rascal and I have many tales to tell.  I shared some of them with you on our blog. When she died two months shy of her 16th birthday in 2009, my wife and I felt compelled to do something in her honor.   

Well, time passed, as it always does, but that nagging feeling remained.  What could we do?  Whatever we chose we knew it would involve helping animals, our passion.

 The catalyst was strangely, a book.  In my 27 years of marriage I never finished a book, to my wife’s dismay, until she gave me Kathy Steven’s Where the Blind Horse Sings.  I read it cover-to-cover in three days, thus I knew it was something special.  Kathy’s book chronicles her struggles and triumphs in establishing the C.A.S.  I felt compelled again to do more than just be a bystander especially after I met Atlas, the goat, sporting a nice set of wheels like KaDee's.

I decided there was no better way to remember KaDee’s spirit than to ride my two wheels, a Harley Davidson, across this country to benefit other animals with her same gumption. I am sure most of you (if not all) reading this have experienced that deep connection with your pets.  Our animal families are fortunate they have us.  Others are not so lucky and need our help.  Won't you please donate?
Together we can make a difference in their lives.  Remember, every penny you donate will go to the BHS and the CAS.

What was my route?

I started in Pittsfield Massachusetts at the Berkshire Humane Society.  Once on US-50 I traveled approximately 400 miles per day to Eureka California.  The ride was not easy.  There were temperature extremes, high winds, bugs, sand storms and finally a hurricane to overcome when flying home.  But in the end it was an adventure of a lifetime.  I did it for myself and for all the animals needing my help.

Schedule of Events on Saturday August 13

The Berkshire Humane Society on 214 Barker Road, Pittsfield, MA celebrated David's journey with a send off party at 8:00-9:00 AM. 

*Deacon Rick blessed the ride and animals 

*Kathy Stevens from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary spoke about the sanctuary

*Pastries and coffee were available

*At 9:00 AM, Pittsfield Officer Michael Ortega escorted David and the COBB motorcycle group out of Pittsfield with lights flashing.

In your pets Honor or Memory, donate $35.00 or more and we will post their picture on our web site.  Just click on the Donate tennis ball for full details

We have an anonymous donor who is willing to match all donations from July 1st, up to $10,000.00

Our animal friends thank you for your generous support. 

Our animal friends thank you for your generous support.  Together we can reach a million!

Help our little guy climb the mountain !  Please Donate
As little as $1.00 from 100,000 will be a massive help !!

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